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Where and when does the Opera Festival take place?
The Opera Festival takes place at the square in front of the Medieval Castle at the harbour in Kato Pafos. It starts at 20:00 and there are three performances, first weekend of September every year (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).
Who are the performers?
The performers are internationally acknowledged opera houses from abroad.


What is the duration of the performance?
The duration of the performance varies according to the Opera performed each year; however, baring in mind the fact that there are usually two intervals totalling 45 minutes the total duration is usually a bit less than three hours.
How can I purchase tickets?
Online purchases can be done through our website:
Contact the TOLL FREE number 8000-8005 or the PAFC Head Office at +357 26822218.
All major credit cards are accepted.
Tickets can be collected from one of the following collection points:
-At the entrance on the night of the performance at least 30 minutes before the performance begins
-At the P.A.F.C. Head Office in Pafos- 26, 25th March Street, 8047 Pafos, Cyprus
-Tickets can be sent via Akis Express (a courier service) to all cities.
What are the ticket prices?
There are four categories of prices:
How are the seats arranged?
The grandstand is amphitheatrically set, with comfortable plastic seats with cushions. It is a question of personal preference as to which seats are the best. All seats offer excellent view of both the stage and the performers.
Are microphones used?
The particularities of the open air venue (sea waves, wind, acoustics) make this necessary.
What are the stage dimensions?
Width: 40 m., Depth: 15 m. Average distance of the seats to the centre: 30 m. Height: 1.50 m.
What about parking space?
The 70 Euro ticket holders have access to the car park of the Archaeological Park, which is the nearest to the performance venue and the rest of the ticket holders have access to all other specified car parks in the area. The roads leading to the festival area will be open only for opera ticket holders. The public should have their opera tickets handy while approaching the area in order to facilitate the police officers and avoid any unnecessary delays.
How’s the weather?
It can be a bit fresh towards the end of the performance so light jackets and shawls are advisable.
How can I know the story?
An event book programme is published which can be purchased from the P.A.F.C offices in Pafos or at the venue before the performance. Alternatively, you can visit our website and read the synopsis there. In addition, there will be a simultaneous overtitle translation of the libretto in both Greek and English during the performances.
Are children allowed?
Children must be seven (7) years of age or older.
What about disabled people?
Disabled people can purchase tickets for specific seats designated on the seating plan as well as obtain a parking permit to the nearest car park, but please inform the main offices of P.A.F.C in Pafos at +357 26822218, email:
Where can I get accommodation information?
For accommodation information please visit the Cyprus Tourism Organization website or contact the P.A.F.C offices in Pafos at +357 26822218, email: