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 The rich emotions of the opera

The rich emotions of the opera "The Elixir of Love" emerge in the "15th Pafos Aphrodite Festival"

Celebrating 15 years of continuous presence in the cultural life of Cyprus and having presented remarkable performances by internationally acclaimed operas, the «Pafos Aphrodite Festival» is this year giving the music loving public of Cyprus the opportunity to enjoy the famous, romantic, comic opera "The Elixir of love "by Italian composer Gaetano Donizetti in an performance of international scope, both in terms of artistic quality, and organization.
This year's "15th Pafos Aphrodite Festival» will be held on the weekend of the 6, 7 and 8 September at the Medieval Castle of Pafos, involving a team of established artists from the Opera Futura from Verona and the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra.
Speaking at a press conference, President of the Company and Pafos Mayor Mr. Savvas Vergas said: "This year's 15th Pafos Aphrodite Festival embodies a particular character, which is defined by significant events. It is being organized in the Culture Capital of Europe for 2017. The institution of the Pafos Aphrodite Festival played a catalytic role in the success of the city and our province, since through its course as an institution of international scope; it highlights the potential of Pafos in European cultural affairs, prospects and orientations on the European cultural map. An important innovative feature of this year's event is the choice of project, since this is the first time it is being performed on stage at the Pafos Aphrodite Festival". Mr. Vergas also noted that: "The fact that the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra is participating in this year’s joint production of the Pafos Aphrodite Festival alongside the Opera Futura from Verona is also relevant, as it meets our targets for the promotion and participation of Cypriot artists. It also marks the beginning of our efforts to implement the great vision and the underlying objectives of the Company, which is the organization in the near future of a purely Cypriot production ".
In conclusion, the President of the Board of the «Pafos Aphrodite Festival» thanked institutional sponsors and other sponsors and supporters of the Festival for their significant support provided to the festival.
The popular opera by composer Gaetano Donizetti, «The elixir of love" alongside the acclaimed and experienced artistic team the Opera Futura Verona and the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra are a combination guaranteeing the success of this year's festival. Director and Artistic Director of the project is Paolo Panizza and the conductor is Matteo Salvemini. Included in the group of performers are acclaimed soloists such as tenors Alessandro Luciano and Paolo Fanale, sopranos Stefania Bonfadelli and Paola Santucci, the bass Marco Bussi and baritone Alessio Potestio. Participating in the group of performers are compatriots artists, Alex Moskofian (baritone) and Stella Georgiou (soprano).

Also present at the press conference were the Minister of Education and Culture Mr Kyriakos Kenevezos, President of the CTO Mr. Alekos Oroundiotis, the Italian Ambassador in Cyprus Mr. Guido Cerboni, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Chairman of the Board for the Foundation of the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra Ms Olympia Stylianou and representatives of sponsors and supporters of the festival.
Next to take the floor, the Minister of Education and Culture, Mr. Kyriakos Kenevezos said: "In the course of the last 15 years the company «Pafos Aphrodite Festival» has contributed greatly to the strengthening of cultural tourism on our island and established a common and high standard of aesthetic enjoyment and appreciation. It should be noted that the company's cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Culture has always been fruitful and productive on all levels. There is of course always room to further enhance the added value of the festival with the active involvement of Cypriot artistic potential. We hope that one day through our gained experiences and cultural potential to have own opera productions here in Cyprus”.
In a brief address, the Chairman of the CTO Mr. Alekos Oroundiotis said: "The Festival apart from its positive contribution to the field of culture and music is essential in various areas of development, especially in tourism. It enhances the competitiveness of the tourism product on offer, not only in Pafos and but across Cyprus in general. Cyprus does not only offer sun and sea. The island’s rich and long history makes it arguably the cradle of modern civilization, which we must support and enrich. "
The Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Education and Culture and Chairman of the Board’s Foundation of the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra, Ms. Olympia Stylianou said: "This year's participation of the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra in the festival presents a challenge for the orchestra, which will contribute its best, working with the Opera Futura Italy and under the direction of maestro Francesco Pasqualetti. We can expect a prospective continuation and strengthening of this cooperation in future productions of the Pafos Aphrodite Festival, which we hope will increase the Orchestra’s participation in the shaping of future artistic performances. "
Finally, the Italian Ambassador in Cyprus Mr. Guido Cerboni expressed his pleasure with the performance of the opera "The Elixir of Love" in Pafos and the certainty that it will be a great success. He also said it would represent a milestone in relations throughout the centuries linking Italy and Cyprus.
Institutional sponsors of the «Pafos Aphrodite Festival 2013» are the Ministries of Education and Culture and Commerce, Industry and Tourism and the Cyprus Tourism Organization (CTO). The main sponsor of this year's festival is the Greek Cooperative Savings Bank Pafos Ltd and supporting companies HELECTOR and Evresis. Media sponsors are SIGMA TV and the magazine Time Out, with supporting sponsors Vestnik Kipra, My Destination and Russian Wave. Hospitality sponsors are KANIKA HOTELS.